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How To Style: Soft Girl Aesthetic

by Silvia Beckster on Mar 26, 2021

How To Style: Soft Girl Aesthetic

What Is A Soft Girl Aesthetic: 

A Soft Girl Aesthetic is a mixture of pastel colors with minimal details. This subculture took a bit of anime, vanilla and warm and became the new TikTok trend eventually. 

What Soft Girl Means:
The look of it is pretty, sweet, adorable and fragile. It's gentle and feminine. This style uses light pastel shades in clothing, and plenty of accessories. To be a soft girl is to be adorable and sensitive and kind to others. This is a very positive way of thinking, which is reflected in the look of girls.

How Do You Dress Like Soft Girl Aesthetic:
First of all it is all about pink! You can never go wrong with this color, the different shades of it match perfectly. If you do not know how to wear or style pink, go with creamy pastel shade. Take some warm cute cardigan and a mini skirt or shorts for the bottom.
Animal, cloud or rainbow prints are always welcome in a soft girl aesthetic. Hearts are good too. They dress in big jumpers and t-shirts, they may wear jeans and short skirts. We recommend you to visit our Soft Girl Aesthetic collection to set up cute outfits!

Soft Girl Aesthetic

Soft Girl Aesthetic

Soft Girl Accessories:

Accessories include glasses, small backpacks, colorful hairpins and scrunchies. Large sweaters and t-shirts, complemented by jeans or skirts, produce a gentler picture of a domestic person. This aesthetic is comfortable and adorable. This is the clothing you can wear to school or for a date or girls night. Go-to look is a pastel pink school uniform skirt, stockings and a warm puffy sweater with some kind of cute animal badge on it.
So if you like pastels, creams and everything that feels and looks soft and delicate, a soft aesthetic will surely fit you.

Soft Girl Aesthetic

The key items for softies are cardigans, bennies, warm socks or stockings, cute small bags and bobby pins or barrettes. Soft curls and pastel hair are great too. Speaking about the shoes, big white sneakers or black school shoes are the most suitable for the soft girl aesthetic. Soft Girl does not hesitate to use elements that can be considered "girly" or childish, such as Hello Kitty or angels, anime and manga characters and glitter stuff.

Soft Girl Aesthetic

What Is Soft Girl Makeup:
Do not forget to play around with your makeup. Use some pink or peachy blush above your eyes, do some glitter and draw stars, hearts or cat paw on a cheek. You need a n eye liner if you want to be a soft girl. Usually it is white, pink or peach. Sometimes you can see a soft girl wearing baby blue or different pastels too. If you want to look more mature this style can be like that.
Soft girl aesthetic is not only about behaving like a child - just use some silk cropped top and more makeup to succeed the elder soft girl look.

Soft Girl Makeup

The main target of a soft girl look is to create an image of a fragile fairy. The basis is pastel and caramel palette, no aggression and highlighted doll image with a lot of cuteness and charm

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