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What Is Cottagecore Fashion: Cottagecore Outfits

by Silvia Beckster on Feb 15, 2021

What Is Cottagecore Fashion: Cottagecore Outfits

If you ever watched Lord of the Rings or The Moominvalley franchise, admired wild, wholesome and peaceful nature or essentially spent some of your time in the countryside or woodland, this aesthetic will definitely feel closer to your heart if not already. The feeling of the freeing spirit of nature, joy of everything blooming and living in harmony with the world is what Cottagecore aesthetic is inspired by. To be more specific these kinds of aesthetic and fashion choices are revolved around a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural or farm life. But the overall ideas are about the desire to pursue a simple life or at least engage in activities outside the internet (like reading or painting, or handcrafting) that brings you closer to nature or take part in some way in it, embrace ones love to it and the simplicity of being in the great outdoors.

What Is A Cottagecore Girl: Girl who inspired by nature and village aesthetics, including vintage accessories to keep warm and cozy atmosphere of her look. Soft and girly vibes takes us to magical fairy tale atmosphere.

Cottagecore fashion can include flowy, loose and long dresses and skirts in any pastel, natural and earthy color. It can also use any floral print and simple yet very elegant patterns, such as stripes and polka dots, gingham and plaid and all kinds of ornaments. 

cottagecore fashion floral dress

    cottagecore fashion white summer dress
    Clothing items can also be decorated with embroidery which only adds to the natural look and the applied arts aesthetic. The special feeling can also be channeled through all kinds of simple accessories such as dainty jewelry, cute handbags, hair garments, knitted or straw hats and frilled socks.

    cottagecore fashion itgirlclothing floral socks

    This transparent handbag with dried and pressed flowers can express the care and sentiment that has been put in the outfit. Large, comfy and layered clothing with button blouses, accentuated flowy sleeves and/or lace details is also very fitting to the cottagecore apparel.

    cottagecore fashion floral
    Instead of just pants, we tend to see more overalls and jumpsuits, especially in washed denim and corduroy, it brings cozy farm lifestyle aesthetics, like you spend time on a fresh air and green fields. Long summer light and flared skirts will be a great idea too:

    cottagecore fashion skirt

    Footwear in this aesthetic tends to be comfortable and cute. It can be oxford shoes with round nose and lovely buckles, flat straw sandals or even plain sneakers. 

    cottagecore fashion shoes

    For inspiration and some apparel ideas, you can visit our collection of Cottagecore outfits, which can help you create a look you wish for, or try to combine these items with ones from different aesthetic and experiment with it. Overall, the feeling of a vintage vibe or sweet nostalgic memories can help to accents any Cottagecore outfit.

    Like Cottagecore there are many associated with it aesthetics or subgenres, if you like, for example, Warmcore, which is related to things that make a person basically feel warm and cosy inside, with a hint of nostalgia. Moreover, Warmcore aesthetics usually convey warmth, softness and a necessary brightness of the sunlight. The knitted sweaters and cardigans, such as this one, very accurately represent the warmth and comfy feeling in this aesthetic.

    cottagecore fashion cardigan

    There are many “nature-centered” aesthetic, like Bloomcore, Naturecore or Meadowcore, which can bear the same feeling or theme in them. It is of flower fields, gardens, gardening, greenery and any aspect connected to nature. Many fashion trends include these themes of a quiet life to modern clothing styles and outfits and succeed. The concentration of natural elements and components is very important to said aesthetics.

    In general, these aesthetics are the idyllic and often romanticized versions of being out in nature. But of course, that doesn`t mean that we should stop trying to be at peace with nature, taking care of each other and ourselves in any ways we prefer, especially if these ways don`t do any harm and bring some love in our lives. Sometimes, though, it invites us to an adventure to seek out the unknown and inspire to not forget about the beauty of the wildlife. In any case, we advise you to only wear whatever makes you the happiest and more like yourself.

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