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What Is Soft Aesthetic & How To Style It?

by Mariia Nevalenaia on Jan 18, 2022

What Is Soft Aesthetic & How To Style It?
What is Soft Aesthetic & How To Style It:

Soft aesthetic is built on a sugary, gentle and romantic image, crafted with the aid of makeup, clothing and accessories in pastel shades. Basically, a soft girl is a cute and fine balance between VSCO and e-girls. Soft girl uses the positive vibes VSCO girls are famous for. As we all can see this style is fully settled with romantic makeup and accessories that e-girls enjoy too.

Soft aesthetic in the wider sense means "soft" or "gentle" girl. It means that she likes to look pretty and feminine, as well as being remarkable and compassionate. Soft girls pick items in such a way as to create an impression of a home girl that is appropriate both for dates and going to school. The sort of soft girl's personality, where she is emotional and impressive.

soft girl aesthetic


Soft girls' clothing looks pretty cute and adorable. These young women are also really inspiring, emotional and sensitive. They show their innocence with a lot of blush and freckles drawn as well as with pastel pink clothes and accessories.
Soft girls love the peaceful pink and peach tones of clothing and makeup.


A soft girl is wearing both modern and old school clothes. The list of her key items is hard to imagine without cropped tops and creamy color palettes of t-shirts, «mom's» jeans, t-shirts and fluffy sweaters. If the «gentle girl» likes skirts, they are most likely to be school uniform-like. You can also find oversized turtlenecks and cardigans in the trend of soft girl clothing.

The basic soft aesthetic wardrobe also includes rainbow and heart-printed sweatshirts, a pink style hat with embroidered angels or clouds and a bunch of pastel hoodies. You can use strange heart-shaped or other bulky glasses, a soft backpack or a fun handbag to complete the look. Check this Soft Aesthetic collection.

soft girl aesthetic


Perfectly clean and white sneakers are the kind of shoes that go well with pink adorable soft girl clothing. Another variation of the shoe is vintage black school boots with white or rainbow socks or warm stockings. Actually, the rainbow in the soft-girl aesthetics emphasizes their cheerfulness and positive energy. They also have shorts and different hooded sweatshirts in their clothing, as well as tops and trousers.
Like all of the other aesthetics which were born and became popular on TikTok, soft girls undoubtedly have some characteristic aspects. There's a lot of pink-pink-pink! You can never go wrong with pink soft clothing. Pink dresses, pink accessories, and pink makeup and nails to set up an ultimately cute and adorable look.

soft girl aesthetic


Soft girls enjoy some makeup and play around with color eyeliner and a lot of pink or peach blush as well as tattoo stamps and a glossy subtle lip. They also wear huge clothes like cardigans and knitted sweatshirts. For most of the time, members of this trend prefer baggy tops, light blue mom's jeans sweaters, but don't refuse to go with pleated pink skirts and cute dresses or even overalls. Their favored items include miniature backpacks, odd shaped sunglasses, hairpins and scrunchies.

soft girl makeup

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