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What Is Grunge Aesthetic About?

by Mariia Nevalenaia on Jan 18, 2022

What Is Grunge Aesthetic About?

Grunge as we know it is this vast subculture that we appreciate and love. There are some versions – like Punk Grunge, Soft Grunge, Comfy Grunge, Hippie Grunge and many more. They all are a part of a bigger Grunge Aesthetic fashion picture. The smart use aspects and clothing elements of this style can bring edgy feeling and more overall darkness to an Egirl outfit. Altogether, we can all agree that a combination of different clothing elements is important to maintain the idea of a chosen aesthetic. So here we try to tell you about some tips and tricks on how to make different Grunge outfits. All listed forms of Grunge have kind of a dark mood, edgy appearance and feeling of unkemptness in common.

Punk Grunge. This type of aesthetic points out punk elements and a general vibe of this style. The same feeling of roughness in both Punk and Grunge is very useful when choosing this type of outfit or aesthetic. To wear any sort of jewelry (on ears, neck, hand or face) asymmetrically is a helpful method for expressing the roughness of a Grunge aesthetic looks. 

grunge aesthetic

Soft Grunge. Due to the obvious resemblance of Grunge gloomy aesthetic and the feeling of the overall kawaii aesthetic, this style combines pastel and edgy, cute and rebellious. It mixes a rough look of any chunky boots, cute patterns and pastel make-up, hot but overall very sweet vibe.

Grunge Aesthetic

Comfy Grunge places the most “effortless” look. It develops simple and comfy yet true to the same aesthetic themes. The looks may be finished with jean jackets, long dresses and comfy footwear.

Grunge Aesthetic

Hippie Grunge prefers a very natural aesthetic, which embraces outfits full of floral patterns, long skirts, cute chokers and all sorts of t-shirts with band prints.

Layering is a very easy way to make perfect combinations. From thin long-sleeves with tops or cropped tops over them to sweatshirts under oversized t-shirts, baggy

shirts under a t-shirt or any other variant that you`d like. The multi-purposeness of layers brings a whole lot of options to choose from.

Denim can be the key to any vintage outfit or aesthetic. Blue vintage jeans or ripped denim pants can be very useful in creating that distinctive look. The roughness of listed items of clothing is definitely only increasing that aesthetically right Grunge feeling.

Grunge Aesthetic

Dark colors or dark-toned hues most likely will set that edgy and rough mood. Likewise, any dark colors can be used as a highlight or to be in contrast with some brightly colored elements, which can perfectly accentuate your outfit vibe. Match of one pop-colored item in your outfit with another one such as colored patterns or bright logos of a rock-band on a t-shirt is a go-to move that can dramatically improve the whole outfit. Modern outfits that referred to Grunge style also tend to use different checkered and striped patterns, either monochrome ones or contrast colored ones.

Grunge Aesthetic

Last, but certainly not least advise we can give, is to have any type of flannel and oversized shirt in your wardrobe. This simple and at same time garment which gives so much vintage and at the same time grungy energy can save and/or improve one`s look drastically. It can be put on just as it is – over the t-shirt, long-sleeve or any kind of top, - or it can be tied in a knot over the waist which, again, gives the same idea of a rough and edgy look.

For these edgy aesthetic looks, you can find clothes at Grunge Aesthetic collection. If you truly enjoy dressing up and like any Grunge form, your original sense of style could not let you down.

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