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Soft Girl Aesthetic - What is Her Style look like??

by Swym Corporation on Jan 18, 2022

Soft Girl Aesthetic - What is Her Style look like??

Basically, the overall vibe of a Soft Girl aesthetic has been formulated on TikTok. Cute and pretty girls and boys emanate an all-around soft and romantic feeling and almost glow themselves on these videos. The general idea of softness can be the one and only idea with this aesthetic, but also adding some other qualities would never do badly when being creative and pulling said vibe. We can try to point out the origin of this vibe, summarize and review some concepts for a perfect look.
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The Soft Girl Aesthetic outfits often make use of and inspired, for instance, by pastel and candy colours or tones in patterns: creamy white, light pink, yellow and rose, teal and mint, lilac and light purple. The pattern of white clouds or pastel stripes is very common in this aesthetic. To accentuate the cuteness and softness of these colour choices the look may include some chunky boots, smoky make-up and/or rough accessories such as black shoulder and crossbody bags with chains. This would surely add the “statementlike” and edgy feeling to support the soft aesthetic. Also, wearing the usual clothing items made in very unusual material is a very interesting idea. An example of that can be a sporty crop-top but in velvet or corduroy.

soft girl aesthetic

Some might say that without “proper” accessories and make-up one would never achieve the desired aesthetic feeling. While one part of us strongly agrees with that, the other one says that the look simply consisting of two clothing items, but when said items beautifully balanced out, would feel very fitting and genuine. For example, combining a fluffy cropped cardigan with a mini skirt, both in the same colour hue, is a very nice move. As well as mixing up the vintage mom jeans with a frilly shirt or blouse or chunky knit cardigan or sweater with pastel culottes and simple sneakers. For an even cuter option, you can pick something with kawaii print and/or something related to kawaii anime or cartoon character.

soft girl aesthetic

Naturally, the main colour of the look would set the mood. Choosing two or more pieces of the look in that one colour is also a decent solution. Putting over an

oversized plushy cardigan decorated with a lovely pattern or loose sweatshirt with cute print would top off the outfit perfectly.

But of course, we cannot forget about our accessories lovers that easily. Colourful hair clips, all sorts of barrettes, scrunchies and cute jewellery would definitely give the outfit desired exquisiteness and cuteness in every possible aspect. Plushy and cute mini backpack in simple or pastel colours certainly give off a soft vibe. And of course, Soft Girl Aesthetic can be conveyed solely through the accessories and make-up alone. Blushy cheeks, freckles and pastel-coloured eyeshadows and lip gloss – perfect choices for this style.

soft girl aesthetic

The fashion choices of a person who wants to dress up in Soft Girl Aesthetic are similar to the eGirl aesthetic and to all sorts of Cute and Pastel aesthetics. To gain some inspiration regarding said styles. Additionally, we wanted to note that the described outfits can be more fashionable or more casual, with a strong school-girl vibe or cottagecore feeling. It is your choice to make.

The soft aesthetic can have a very prominent feminine component and at the same time can have none of the sex-related style aspects. Pink and cute miniskirts are not always feminine. This determines solely buy the one who wears the outfit. And of course, remember to always feel comfortable with your looks, enjoy building the outfits for your beautiful self and no one else.

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